10 food to avoid on an empty stomach

1. Leaf buns
Foods containing yeast can overwhelm the stomach and cause bloating

2. Sweets
Consuming sugar on an empty stomach increases the level of insulin, which in turn significantly increases the load on the pancreas that has just woken up.

3. Yogurt and other fermented dairy products
If you consume yogurt on an empty stomach, the hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach kills the lactic acid bacteria.

4. Pears
Natural fibers in pears can harm the sensitive membrane of the empty stomach.

5. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain a large amount of tannic acid that increases the acidity in the stomach. It can result in stomach ulcer.

6. Fresh cucumber and other green vegetables
Raw vegetables are rich with amino acids. However, it can cause acidity, bloating and abdominal pain, especially when is consumed on an empty stomach.

7. Bananas
If you eat bananas on an empty stomach, the amount of magnesium in the blood will increase significantly, which can be harmful to your heart.

8. Spices
Spicy foods can cause damage and irritation to gastric mucosa and increase acid prouduction in youur stomach.

9. Carbonated drinks
If you consume carbonated drinks in the morning it can damage the mucous membrane and reduce blood flow to the stomach. The consequence is that the food will be boiled much slower.

10. Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are rich with fruit acid and if you consume in the morning on an empty stomach it can cause painful acid and also increase the risks of gastr5itis and even qastric ulcers.

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